Volume 7 Special Issue 1 (2012)

Papers from the 21st International Toki Conference
on Integration of Fusion Science and Technology for Steady State Operation


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Overview Articles

  • Magnetic Confinement Fusion (Experiment)
  • 2502055 Microwave Reflectometry Diagnostics: Present Day Systems and Challenges for Future Devices
    Teresa ESTRADA, Kazunobu NAGASAKI, Emilio BLANCO, Germán PEREZ and Victor TRIBALDOS
    Plasma Fusion Res. 7, 055 (2012) <Published on 13 Sep. 2012> [Special Issue 1]
  • 2502140 Advances in Lower Hybrid Current Drive for Tokamak Long Pulse Operation: Technology and Physics
    Gia Tuong HOANG, Léna DELPECH, Annika EKEDAHL, Young-soon BAE, Joelle ACHARD, Gilles BERGER-BY, Moo-hyun CHO, Joan DECKER, Remi DUMONT, Heejin DO, Cedric GOLETTO, Marc GONICHE, Dominique GUILHEM, Julien HILLAIRET, Haejin KIM, Patrick MOLLARD, Won NAMKUNG, Seungil PARK, Hyeon PARK, Yves PEYSSON, Serge POLI, Marc PROU, Melanie PREYNAS, Promod Kumar SHARMA, Hyung-Lyeol YANG and Tore Supra Team
    Plasma Fusion Res. 7, 140 (2012) <Published on 15 Oct. 2012> [Special Issue 1]
  • 2502148 Recent TCV Results - Innovative Plasma Shaping to Improve Plasma Properties and Insight
    Antoine POCHELON, Paolo ANGELINO, Roland BEHN, Stephan BRUNNER, Stefano CODA, Nataliya KIRNEVA, Sergei Yu MEDVEDEV, Holger REIMERDES, Jonathan ROSSEL, Olivier SAUTER, Laurent VILLARD, Dávid WÁGNER, Alberto BOTTINO, Yann CAMENEN, Gustavo P. CANAL, Prabal K. CHATTOPADHYAY, Basil P. DUVAL, Ambrogio FASOLI, Timothy P. GOODMAN, Sébastien JOLLIET, Alexander KARPUSHOV, Benoît LABIT, Alessandro MARINONI, Jean-Marc MORET, Andreas PITZSCHKE, Laurie PORTE, Mikael RANCIC, Victor S. UDINTSEV and the TCV Team
    Plasma Fusion Res. 7, 148 (2012) <Published on 22 Nov. 2012> [Special Issue 1]
  • Fusion Engineering
  • 2505047 ITER Instrumentation and Control System towards Long Pulse Operation
    Izuru YONEKAWA, Antonio Vergara FERNANDEZ, Jean-Marc FOURNERON, Jean-Yves JOURNEAUX, Wolf-Dieter KLOTZ, Anders WALLANDER and CODAC Team
    Plasma Fusion Res. 7, 047 (2012) <Published on 13 Sep. 2012> [Special Issue 1]

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