Information for Contributors

  1. Sections in the Journal
  2. How to Submit Manuscripts
  3. Review Process and Policy
  4. Publication Charge

1. Sections in the Journal

The journal Plasma and Fusion Research consists of four sections:

Rapid Communications (less than two journal pages):
This is a section devoted to significantly new results, innovative idea or even untested feasibility that deserves rapid dissemination in the research community.
Letters (less than four journal pages):
This is a section for publishing important new results that may receive contemporary interests of the research community.
Regular Articles:
The article written in this section must be concise and complete reports of original results. There is no page limitation. Technical aspects of researches may also be published as regular articles, if they include important information for future developments.
Review Articles, Overview Articles:
The authors of articles published in this section are normally nominated by the Editorial Board.
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2. How to Submit Manuscripts

Contributors should take the following steps:

Preparation of manuscript:
Prepare your manuscript in PDF (or PostScript) form. The manuscript must include a concise abstract (less than 200 words), a complete list of references, figures and tables with captions (see the PFR Style Guide). Authors are advised to use the sample text (and style file for the LaTeX system) in preparing the manuscript. If you want to include movie files in your manuscript, please contact the production division for further information.
Submitting the manuscript:
Visit the site Manuscript Submission, complete the online author submission form and upload your manuscript along with a Copyright Transfer Agreement.
Accompanying multimedia files, if any, should be mailed to JSPF office.
Review process:
The editorial board consults anonymous peer-reviewers. Status of the review process may be checked at the site review process. The editor may request appropriate revision to the authors when needed.
After acceptance:
When your article is accepted for publication, we will request the source file (LaTeX or Word). If the manuscript does not fit in with journal's style, the manuscript cannot be sent to the production division.
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3. Review Process and Policy

All publications are reviewed by the Editorial Board through consultations with international anonymous referees. Following aspects are essential for the acceptance of manuscripts:

  1. Clearness of the assertion
  2. Clearness of the logic, analysis, reduction/induction processes and/or experimental/observational evidences
  3. Completeness of the references
  4. Adequacy of language and descriptions
  5. Fitting with Journal's style
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4. Publication Charge

The electronic journal Plasma and Fusion Research is freely accessible from worldwide readers through the Internet. To support the cost of publication of Journal, the author is requested to pay publication charge of ¥3,000 Japanese Yen per article plus ¥5,000 Japanese Yen per page (with a one-page minimum). For an article that exceeds 11 journal pages, a mandatory page charge of ¥10,000 Japanese Yen will be added for each page in excess of 11 pages.

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Charges for Publication in the PFR
Type of Contribution Article Charge Page Charge
  • Rapid Communications
  • Letters
  • Regular Articles
  • Review Articles
¥3,000 up to 10 pages ¥5,000/page
after 11th page ¥10,000/page
  • Errata
¥0   ¥5,000/page

Charges for 100 Reprints
number of pages Charge(Japanese yen)
black-and-white print color print
without cover with cover without cover with cover
1-2 ¥6,400 ¥12,250 ¥13,750 ¥19,450
3-4 ¥8,200 ¥14,050 ¥22,750 ¥28,450
5-6 ¥10,000 ¥15,850 ¥31,900 ¥37,600
7-8 ¥11,800 ¥17,650 ¥40,900 ¥46,600
9-10 ¥13,600 ¥19,450 ¥50,050 ¥55,750
11-12 ¥15,400 ¥21,250 ¥59,050 ¥64,750
13-14 ¥17,200 ¥23,050 ¥68,200 ¥73,900

* Additional fee (1,000 - 3,000 yen) is required for overseas delivery.

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