Volume 2 (1999)

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Proceedings of
9th International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion (ITC-9)

- New Frontiers in Plasma Physics -

December 7 - 11, 1998

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  • pp.402-405 : Physics of Exploding Plasma in Magnetic Fields and Oppotunity of Direct Conversion of ICF-Energy
    ZAKHAROV Yuri P., PONOMARENKO Arnold G., NAKASHIMA Hideki, MURANAKA Takanobu, USUI Hiroyuki, NIKITIN Sergey A., WOLOWSKI Jerzy and WORYNA Eugeniusz
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  • pp.406-409 : Effect of Recombination Processes and the Experimental Estimation of Ionization State in Laser-Produced-Plasmas
    SINHA Binoy K., THUM-JAEGER Andrea and ROHR Klaus P.
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  • pp.410-413 : Velocity Distribution of Ions and Anisotropy of Kinetic Ion-Temperatures in Laser Plasma Experiments
    SINHA Binoy K., THUM-JAEGER Andrea and ROHR Klaus P.
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  • pp.414-417 : Simulation of Various Ionization Effects in Overdense Plasmas Irradiated by a Subpicosecond Pulse Laser
    ZHIDKOV Alexei, SASAKI Akira and TAJIMA Toshiki
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  • pp.418-422 : Study of Irradiation Uniformity Using a Lens Array and Non-Spherical Principal Focusing Lens
    ZHANG Jiatai, QIU Yue, YANG Guolin, ZHOU Guanlin, JU Yong and ANDREEV N.E.
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  • pp.423-426 : Growth of Laser Ripple in a Collisional Magnetoplasma and Its Effect on Plasma Wave Excitation
    SINGH Nareshpal and SINGH Tarsem
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  • pp.427-430 : Langmuir Wave Excitation by Beating Gaussian Laser Beams in a Parabolic Plasma Channel
    SHARMA Ashok K. and JARWAL Rajender K.
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  • pp.431-434 : Hysteresis Effect in the Resonant Response of the Nonneutral Plasma Wave
    YAMAZAWA Yohei and MICHISHITA Toshinori
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  • pp.435-438 : Observation of Asymmetric Sheath Structure in Multi-Component Plasma Containing Negative Ions
    KOGA Kazunori, NAITOU Hiroshi and KAWAI Yoshinobu
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  • pp.439-442 : Experiments on Solitons and Electron Holes in a Pure Electron Plasma Paper
    TANAKA Hitoshi, MAEKAWA Takashi, ASAKAWA Makoto and TERUMICHI Yasushi
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  • pp.443-446 : Chaotic Lower Hybrid Fluctuations during the Anomalous Resistivity Phase of a High-Voltage Linear Plasma Discharge
    INUZUKA Hiroshi, TAKADA Yasumasa and YAMAGIWA Keiichiro
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  • pp.447-450 : Model of Silent Discharge Current and Its Chaotic Oscillation
    KIMURA Tetsuya, MAEDA Joji and KOGOSHI Sumio
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  • pp.451-454 : Kinetic Simulation on Ion Acoustic Wave in Gas Discharge Plasma with Convective Scheme
    MATSUNAGA Yasushi, HATORI Tadatsugu and KATO Tomokazu
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  • pp.455-458 : Nonlocal Effects in an Excitation of Ion Acoustic Waves by an Ion Beam in a Plasma Cylinder
    SHARMA Suresh C. and SUGAWA Masao
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  • pp.459-462 : Convective Instabilities of Transverse Wave in a Magnetized Chiral Media
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  • pp.463-466 : Energy Transfer from Low-Frequency Magnetosonic Pulses to Particles in a Two-Ion-Species Plasma
    TOIDA Mieko, DOGEN Daiju and OHSAWA Yukiharu
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  • pp.467-469 : Modeling ULF Magnetic Pulsations in Southern Hemisphere with Kinetic Alfvén Waves
    DA SILVA Claudio E., SILVA José C.X., DE ASSIS Altair S. and DE AZEVEDO Carlos A.
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  • pp.470-473 : Alfvén Wave Dissipation in the Dipole Axisymmetric Magnetosphere
    GRISHANOV Nikolay I., DE AZEVEDO Carlos A. and DE ASSIS Altair S.
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  • pp.474-477 : Fragmentation and Coalescence of Magnetic Flux Tubes in Weakly Ionized Plasmas
    FURUSAWA Kyoko and SAKAI Jun-ichi
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  • pp.478-481 : Magnetic Field Generation during the Collision of Counter Streaming Flows
    KAZIMURA Yoshihiro, SAKAI Jun-ichi and BULANOV Sergei
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  • pp.482-485 : Strong Magnetic Implosion in Spherical Reversed Laser Corona: New Results and New Numerical Schemes for MHD Simulations
    SOKOLOV Igor V. and SAKAI Jun-ichi
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  • pp.486-489 : Self-Organization Scenario Relevant for the Formation of Prebiotic Complex Structures
    SANDULOVICIU Mircea, LOZNEANU Erzilia and POPESCU Sebastian
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  • pp.490-493 : Self-Organization as a Possible Route to Fusion Energy
    SANDULOVICIU Mircea, LOZNEANU Erzilia and POPESCU Sebastian
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  • pp.494-497 : Analysis of Self-Organizing Phenomena in Plasma Focus: Neural Network Approach
    PURIĆ Jagoš, ŠEVIĆ Dragutin and ĆUK Milivoje
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  • pp.498-500 : Structure Formation in a Short Chain-Molecule System: A Molecular Dynamics Study
    FUJIWARA Susumu and SATO Tetsuya
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