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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 9, 3405085 (2014)

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Numerical Investigations on Crack Identification in High-Temperature Superconducting Film
Atsushi KAMITANI, Teruou TAKAYAMA, Soichiro IKUNO1) and Hiroaki NAKAMURA2)
Yamagata University, Yamagata 992-8510, Japan
Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo 192-0982, Japan
National Institute for Fusion Science, Gifu 509-5292, Japan
(Received 15 November 2013 / Accepted 25 April 2014 / Published 10 June 2014)


The applicability of the scanning permanent-magnet method (SPM) to the crack identification in a high-temperature superconducting (HTS) film is investigated numerically. To this end, a defect parameter is defined for characterizing a crack position and it is calculated along various scanning lines. The results of computations show that a crack position can be roughly identified by scanning an HTS film in two opposite directions. Hence, the SPM must be combined with the inductive method to develop a fast high-resolution method for identifying a crack.


critical current density, high temperature superconductor, integrodifferential equation, surface crack

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.9.3405085


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This paper may be cited as follows:

Atsushi KAMITANI, Teruou TAKAYAMA, Soichiro IKUNO and Hiroaki NAKAMURA, Plasma Fusion Res. 9, 3405085 (2014).