Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Takuya GOTO et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.12, 1405016 (2017).

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Extension of Numerical Matching Method to Weakly Nonlinear Evolution of Resistive MHD Modes, Masaru FURUKAWA and Shinji TOKUDA, Volume 12, 1403025 (2017)

Measurement of Poloidal Flow Profiles Using a Mach Probe Array in HYBTOK-II Tokamak with RMP Fields, Masaaki OKAMOTO et al., Volume 12, 1202027 (2017)

Experimental Study on Slowing-Down Mechanism of Locked-Mode-Like Instability in LHD, Yuki TAKEMURA et al., Volume 12, 1402028 (2017)

Evidence for Global Edge–Core Interplay in Fusion Plasmas, Guilhem DIF-PRADALIER et al., Volume 12, 1203012 (2017)

Input Energy Control Using Electron Beam Diode as Impedance Controller to Study Warm Dense Matter by Pulsed Power Discharge with Isochoric Heating, Tomoaki ITO et al., Volume 12, 1204024 (2017)

Demonstration of Rapid Electrical Recovery in Repetitive Operation of a Counter-Facing Plasma-Focus Device, Tatsuya SODEKODA et al., Volume 12, 1206021 (2017)

Measurement of Electron Density and Temperature Using Laser Thomson Scattering in PANTA, Kentaro TOMITA et al., Volume 12, 1401018 (2017)

Phenomenological Classification of Turbulence States in Linear Magnetized Plasma PANTA, Tatsuya KOBAYASHI et al., Volume 12, 1401019 (2017)

Cartridge-Type Helical Blankets Aiming at Easy Construction and Maintenance for the FFHR-d1, Junichi MIYAZAWA et al., Volume 12, 1405017 (2017)

High Temperature Fatigue Life Evaluation Using Small Specimen, Shuhei NOGAMI et al., Volume 12, 1405022 (2017)

Progress of Divertor Study on DEMO Design, Kazuo HOSHINO et al., Volume 12, 1405023 (2017)