Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Takanori MURASE et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.11, 1205030 (2016).

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Improvement of the Reynolds Stress Probe for End-Plate Biasing Experiments in a Cylindrical Laboratory Plasma, Tomotsugu KANZAKI et al., Volume 11, 1201091 (2016)

Application of Tomographic Ion Doppler Spectroscopy to Merging Plasma Startup in the MAST Spherical Tokamak, Hiroshi TANABE et al., Volume 11, 1302093 (2016)

Decoupling of Electron and Ion Dynamics in Driven Magnetic Reconnection in Collisionless Plasmas, C. Z. CHENG et al., Volume 11, 1401081 (2016)

Distortion of Fast α-Particle Two-Dimensional Velocity Distribution Function due to the Transition of Particle Orbit by Nuclear Elastic Scattering in Magnetic Field Confinement, Daisuke SAWADA et al., Volume 11, 1403067 (2016)

Two-Dimensional Simulation of a Plume Produced by Ablation in the Liquid Wall Chamber of KOYO-Fast, Hiroyuki FURUKAWA and Takayoshi NORIMATSU, Volume 11, 1405084 (2016)

Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of Self-Assembly in a Bolaamphiphilic Solution, Susumu FUJIWARA et al., Volume 11, 2401073 (2016)

Tungsten-Surface-Structure Dependence of Sputtering Yield for a Noble Gas, Hiroaki NAKAMURA et al., Volume 11, 2401080 (2016)

Helium Volumetric Recombining Plasma Formation for Energetic Ion Injection in Radio-Frequency Plasma Device DT-ALPHA, Hiroyuki TAKAHASHI et al., Volume 11, 2402059 (2016)

Validation of the Digital Correlation ECE Measurement Technique using Low-Frequency Fluctuation in LHD, Hayato TSUCHIYA et al., Volume 11, 2402072 (2016)

Particle Pinch Model of Passing/Trapped High-Z Impurity with Centrifugal Force Effect, Yusuke SHIMIZU et al., Volume 11, 2403082 (2016)

Characteristics of a Large Diameter Radio-Frequency Negative Hydrogen Ion Source, Yuko SASAKI et al., Volume 11, 2405088 (2016)

ACT2: a High Heat Flux Test Facility Using Electron Beam for Fusion Application, Yukinori HAMAJI et al., Volume 11, 2405089 (2016)

Numerical Analysis of Electron Energy Distribution Function and Its Effects on the H Production in Linac4 H Source, Shintaro MOCHIZUKI et al., Volume 11, 2406044 (2016)

Study of H Production in DC H Source of Medical Cyclotron, Haruhiko ETOH et al., Volume 11, 2406063 (2016)

Experimental Study on W-Band (75 - 110 GHz) Oversized Surface Wave Oscillator Driven by Weakly Relativistic Electron Beams, Min Thu SAN et al., Volume 11, 2406085 (2016)

Approaches to Hysteresis of Transport Relations in Toroidal Plasmas, Sanae-I. ITOH et al., Volume 11, 2503086 (2016)

Method for Detection of Nuclear-Plasma Interactions in a 134Xe-Doped Exploding Pusher at the National Ignition Facility, Darren L. BLEUEL et al., Volume 11, 3401075 (2016)