Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Yoshimasa IKEDA et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.13, 2406005 (2018).

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Measurements of Neutrons from Photonuclear Reactions Using Laser Compton Scattering Gamma Rays, Shuji MIYAMOTO et al., Volume 13, 2404066 (2018)

Triple Hybrid Simulation Method for Tungsten Fuzzy Nanostructure Formation, Atsushi M. ITO et al., Volume 13, 3403061 (2018)

Expiratory Testing as a Simple and Effective Bioassay Method for Screening Workers for Tritium Exposure in Fusion Test Facilities, Naofumi AKATA et al., Volume 13, 1305076 (2018)

Neutron Radiography Using Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion, Kei TAKAKURA et al., Volume 13, 2406075 (2018)

Trapping Efficiency of a Non-Adidabatic Confinement Device, Daigo ADACHI et al., Volume 13, 3401069 (2018)

Study on Dynamic Behaviors of Ionization Waves Influenced by Feedback in a Glow Discharge Plasma, Takao FUKUYAMA and Yuta HIGASHIURA, Volume 13, 3401073 (2018)

Measurements of the Impurity Flow Velocity and Temperature in Deuterium and Hydrogen Plasmas in the Divertor Legs of the Stochastic Layer in LHD, Arseniy KUZMIN et al., Volume 13, 3402058 (2018)

Installation of New Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging in LHD, Hayato TSUCHIYA et al., Volume 13, 3402063 (2018)

Neutron Flux Measurement Using a Fast-Neutron Scintillation Detector with High Temporal Resolution on the Large Helical Device, Kunihiro OGAWA et al., Volume 13, 3402068 (2018)

Estimation of Tokamak Plasma Position and Shape in TOKASTAR-2 Using Magnetic Field Measurement, Kouhei YASUDA et al., Volume 13, 3402072 (2018)

Development of Rapid Sampling System of Atmospheric Water Vapor for Tritium Measurement, Naofumi AKATA et al., Volume 13, 3405064 (2018)

Magnetic Configuration and Modular Coil Design for the Chinese First Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarator, Haifeng LIU et al., Volume 13, 3405067 (2018)

Nanostructure Growth on Rhodium/Ruthenium by the Exposure to He Plasma, Tomohiro NOJIMA et al., Volume 13, 3406065 (2018)

Spatially Resolved Measurements of Metastable Atom Density and Electric Field Strength in a Microhollow Cathode Helium Plasma by Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, Keisuke UENO et al., Volume 13, 3406070 (2018)

Morphology Changes of Platinum and Tungsten Carbide by He Plasma Irradiation, Yudai TOMITA et al., Volume 13, 3406074 (2018)

Mode Structure Analysis of Detached Plasmas with 2D Images, Shin KAJITA et al., Volume 13, 1402033 (2018)

Determining the Closed Flux Surface in a Helical Plasma in TOKASTAR-2 with an Electrostatic Probe, Hiromasa ITOU et al., Volume 13, 1402039 (2018)

A Study on the Non-Destructive Detection of Salt in Concrete Using Neutron-Captured Prompt-Gamma Rays at RANS, Yasuo WAKABAYASHI et al., Volume 13, 2404052 (2018)

Development of a Flat-Panel and Resistor-Type Photomultiplier Tube System for High Position-Resolution Two-Dimensional Neutron Detector, Setsuo SATOH, Volume 13, 2405056 (2018)

Divertor Plasma Simulation Experiment Using Hydrogen Ionizing Plasma and Helium Ion Beam in an RF Plasma Source DT-ALPHA, Hiroyuki TAKAHASHI et al., Volume 13, 3401053 (2018)

Particle-In-Cell Simulation of Field-Reversed Configuration with Adaptive Particle Management, Kento NISHIDA et al., Volume 13, 3401060 (2018)

Impact of the Upstream Plasma Parameters on the Spectroscopic Measurement in the GAMMA 10/PDX Divertor Simulation Experiments, Takayuki YOKODO et al., Volume 13, 3402032 (2018)

Application of He I Line Intensity Ratio Method to Tokamak Plasma in TOKASTAR-2, Ryoma YOKOYAMA et al., Volume 13, 3402047 (2018)

TSC Simulation of Transient CHI in New Electrode Configuration on QUEST, Kengoh KURODA et al., Volume 13, 3402059 (2018)

Evaluation of Measurement Signal of Heavy Ion Beam Probe of Energetic-Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Modes, Makoto SASAKI et al., Volume 13, 3403040 (2018)

ELM Dynamic Simulation for Detached Divertor Plasmas Using One-Dimensional Fluid Code, Yue LI et al., Volume 13, 3403054 (2018)

Measurement of Heat Quantity in a Small Cusp-Type Direct Energy Converter for Divertor Thermal Load Reduction, Yuya NONDA et al., Volume 13, 3405050 (2018)

Performance Improvement of a Magnetized Coaxial Plasma Gun by Adopting Iron-Core Bias Coil and Pre-Ionization Systems, Takahiro EDO et al., Volume 13, 3405062 (2018)