Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Ryota IMAZAWA et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.13, 1405112 (2018).

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Direct Wavelength Measurement of the Visible M1 Transition in Ba7+ with a Novel Calibration Method, Naoki KIMURA et al., Volume 14, 1201021 (2019)

Economy of Tokamak Neutron Source for Transmutation of Transuranics, Ryosuke SAKAI et al., Volume 14, 1405040 (2019)

Observation of Potential Increase in the Central Cell due to ICRF Heating in the Non-Axisymmetric Anchor Cell on GAMMA 10/PDX, Atsuto TANAKA et al., Volume 14, 2401028 (2019)

Lyapunov Exponent Analysis for Stochastic Ion Motion in a Non-Adiabatic Trap, Ryo MATSUMOTO et al., Volume 14, 2401035 (2019)

Measurements of the Plasma Parameters in the D-Module of GAMMA 10/PDX during Impurity Gas Kr Injection, Md. Shahinul ISLAM et al., Volume 14, 2402016 (2019)

Doppler Spectroscopy System for the Plasma Velocity Measurements in SMOLA Helical Mirror, Anna A. INZHEVATKINA et al., Volume 14, 2402020 (2019)

First Experimental Campaign on SMOLA Helical Mirror, Anton V. SUDNIKOV et al., Volume 14, 2402023 (2019)

Neutral Beam Injection System for the CAT Experiment, Vladimir I. DAVYDENKO et al., Volume 14, 2402024 (2019)

Development of FPGA-Based Real-Time Neutron Spectrometer Using Stilbene Scintillator, Egor I. PINZHENIN et al., Volume 14, 2402025 (2019)

Studies of Plasma Confinement and Stability in a Gas Dynamic Trap: Results of 2016 - 2018, Peter A. BAGRYANSKY et al., Volume 14, 2402030 (2019)

Effect of the Potential of Confined Plasma on End-Loss Ion in GAMMA 10/PDX, Seowon JANG et al., Volume 14, 2402032 (2019)

Measurement of End-Loss Ions Originated from Spontaneously Excited High Frequency Waves by Using an MCP Detector on GAMMA 10/PDX, Koki IZUMI et al., Volume 14, 2402033 (2019)

Generation and Measurement of High Intermittent Heat Flux in GAMMA 10/PDX, Ryutaro MINAMI et al., Volume 14, 2402034 (2019)

Spatiotemporal Structure of Hα Emission from the Detached Plasma in GAMMA 10/PDX, Hirohiko TANAKA et al., Volume 14, 2402036 (2019)

Sensitivity Check of Background Plasma Parameter during SMBI in the GAMMA 10 Central-Cell by 3-D Monte-Carlo Simulations, Md. Maidul ISLAM et al., Volume 14, 2403017 (2019)

Theoretical Study of Relation between Anomalous Resistivity and Toroidal Spin-Up of Field-Reversed Configurations, Toshiki TAKAHASHI and Takahiro URANO, Volume 14, 2403037 (2019)

Analytical Experiment of Time Evolution of Deceleration Effect in Traveling Wave Direct Energy Converter Using Dual-Frequency Modulation, Kazuhiro SHIBATA et al., Volume 14, 2405027 (2019)

Analysis on the Sensitivity of the ASDEX Type Ionization Gauge in Mixed Radiator Gases of Divertor Simulators, Kazuya ICHIMURA et al., Volume 14, 2405029 (2019)

Plasma Particle Trajectory Study for a Device Combining Hollow Cathode Discharge and Non-Adiabatic Trap, Shuya IWATA et al., Volume 14, 2406026 (2019)