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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 5, S2103 (2010)

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Estimation of the Effective Collective Thomson Scattering Volume Using a Gaussian Beam in the LHD ECRH System
Shin KUBO, Masaki NISHIURA, Namiko TAMURA1), Kenji TANAKA, Takashi SHIMOZUMA, Yoshinori TATEMATSU2), Teruo SAITO2), Yasuo YOSHIMURA, Hiroe IGAMI, Hiromi TAKAHASHI, Ryosuke IKEDA2) and Takashi MUTOH
National Institute for Fusion Science,322-6 Oroshi-cho, Toki 509-5292, Japan
Department of Energy Science and Technology, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8463, Japan
Research Center for Development of Far-Infrared Region, University of Fukui, Fukui 910-8507, Japan
(Received 6 January 2009 / Accepted 2 March 2010 / Published 10 December 2010)


Collective Thomson scattering (CTS) is a promising candidate for direct measurement of the velocity distribution function of ions in fusion devices. The relevant frequency for a CTS probing beam source is in the millimeter- to submillimeter-wave range. The scattering volume of CTS is an important parameter for determining the intensity of the scattered power and the spatial resolution of the measurement. The conventional method of estimating the scattering volume is to simply calculate the geometrical volume of the probing and receiving beams. This calculation is valid only when the beams are diffraction free. The effective scattering volume is defined and applied to a CTS system using strongly focused beams and its validity is examined experimentally.


collective Thomson scattering, ECRH, gyrotron, Gaussian beam, scattering volume

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.5.S2103


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Shin KUBO, Masaki NISHIURA, Namiko TAMURA, Kenji TANAKA, Takashi SHIMOZUMA, Yoshinori TATEMATSU, Teruo SAITO, Yasuo YOSHIMURA, Hiroe IGAMI, Hiromi TAKAHASHI, Ryosuke IKEDA and Takashi MUTOH, Plasma Fusion Res. 5, S2103 (2010).