Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 14, 3402122 (2019)

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Prototype of a Quasi-Optical Launcher System of a 4 mm Round-Trip Interferometer for the QUEST Spherical Tokamak Experiments
Miu YUNOKI, Hiroshi IDEI1), Kazuo NAKAMURA1), Masaharu FUKUYAMA, Ryuichi ASHIDA, Daichi OGATA, Takumi ONCHI1), Ryuya IKEZOE1) and Masayuki YOSHIKAWA2)
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 816-8580, Japan
Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 816-8580, Japan
Plasma Research Center, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577, Japan
(Received 9 January 2019 / Accepted 16 April 2019 / Published 24 July 2019)


A launcher system for a round-trip interferometer, with a corrugated horn antenna and two quasi-optical mirrors, has been developed for the QUEST spherical tokamak experiment. The corrugated horn antenna has been designed using a three-dimensional (3D) electromagnetic simulator. At low power bench test, intensity and phase profiles at 0.1 m from antenna aperture show coaxial patterns as predicted by the 3D simulator, in agreement with the calculation results using an in-house developed Kirchhoff integral code. The designed waist sizes of the focused beam at a target position are 22mm in the horizontal x direction and 43 mm in the vertical y direction. The beam reaches the target plate at QUEST's center-post and is reflected back along the line-of-sight round-trip. A well-focused beam of 32 and 36 mm in size (x, y) has been obtained at the target position. The HE11 mode excitation, beam transmission, and focusing properties are discussed for the prototype launcher system.


QUEST, spherical tokamak, interferometer, electron density measurement, corrugated horn antenna, quasi-optical mirror, Gaussian beam

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.14.3402122


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