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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 5, S2024 (2010)

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Quantum Mechanical Plasma Scattering
Shun-ichi OIKAWA, Tsuyoshi OIWA and Takahiro SHIMAZAKI
Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, N-13, W-8, Sapporo 060-8628, Japan
(Received 7 December 2009 / Accepted 16 April 2010 / Published 10 December 2010)


We have solved the two-dimensional time-dependent Schödinger equation for a particle with and without the interparticle potential in a fusion plasma. It was shown that spatial extent of a free particle grows monotonically in time. Such expansion leads to a spatial extent or size of a proton of the order of the average interparticle separation Δl ≡ n−1/3 ∼ 2 × 10−7 m in a time interval of 106 × Δl/vth ∼ 10−7 sec for a plasma with a density n ∼ 1020 m−3 and a temperature T = mvth2/2 ∼ 10 keV. It was also shown that, under a Coulomb potential, the wavefunction of a charged particle first shrink and expand in time. In the expansion phase, at times t ≥ 10−10 sec, the size of particle in the presence of a Coulomb potential is much larger than that in the absence of it.


Ehrenfest's theorem, quantum mechanical scattering, plasma, diffusion

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.5.S2024


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Shun-ichi OIKAWA, Tsuyoshi OIWA and Takahiro SHIMAZAKI, Plasma Fusion Res. 5, S2024 (2010).