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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 3, S1065 (2008)

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Temporal Evolution of the Pressure Profile and Mode Behavior during Internal Reconnection Events in the MAST Spherical Tokamak
Hiroshi TOJO, Mikhall P. GRYAZNEVICH1), Akira Ejiri, Alan SYKES1) and Yuichi TAKASE
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Kashiwa 277-8561, Japan
EURATOM/UKAEA Fusion Association, Culham Science Centre, OX14 3DB, UK
(Received 16 November 2007 / Accepted 6 February 2008 / Published 4 August 2008)


Mode behaviors including non-linear development and pressure profiles during internal reconnection events are clarified in the MAST spherical tokamak. In a q0 > 1 discharge, the tearing mode is a trigger; however, non-linearity of modes is not confirmed. On the other hand, in a q0 < 1 discharge, the harmonics of a m/n = 4/1 mode of ∼22 kHz are confirmed. Method for identification of poloidal mode in ST configuration is also given.


IRE, spherical tokamak, bicoherence, poloidal mode, reconnection

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.3.S1065


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This paper may be cited as follows:

Hiroshi TOJO, Mikhall P. GRYAZNEVICH, Akira Ejiri, Alan SYKES and Yuichi TAKASE, Plasma Fusion Res. 3, S1065 (2008).