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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 3, S1050 (2008)

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Conceptual Design of Magnets with CIC Conductors for LHD-type Reactors FFHR2m
Shinsaku IMAGAWA, Akio SAGARA and Yasuji KOZAKI
National Institute for Fusion Science, 322-6 Oroshi, Toki, Gifu 509-5292, Japan
(Received 17 November 2007 / Accepted 29 January 2008 / Published 1 August 2008)


LHD-type reactors have attractive features for fusion power plants, such as no requirement of a current drive and a wide space between the helical coils for the maintenance of in-vessel components. One disadvantage was considered the requirment of a large major radius to attain the self-ignition condition with a sufficient space for blankets. According to the recent reactor studies based on experimental results in LHD, the major radius of plasma is set at 14 to 17 m with the central toroidal field of 6 to 4 T. The stored magnetic energy is estimated at 120 to 130 GJ. Both the major radius and the magnetic energy are about three times as large as those for ITER. We intend to summarize the requirements for superconducting magnets of the LHD-type reactors and propose a conceptual design of the magnets with cable-in-conduit (CIC) conductors based on the technology for ITER.


cable-in-conduit conductor, fusion reactor, helical coil, LHD, superconducting magnet.

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.3.S1050


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Shinsaku IMAGAWA, Akio SAGARA and Yasuji KOZAKI, Plasma Fusion Res. 3, S1050 (2008).