Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Shin KAJITA et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.14, 1405042

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Observation of Axial Neutral-Gas Flow Reversal in an ECR Plasma, Emika ABE et al., Volume 14, 1201066 (2019)

Hybrid Simulation Study on Anisotropic Response of Ions to a Low-Frequency Wave in a Field-Reversed Configuration, Takahiro URANO et al., Volume 14, 1203064 (2019)

HFS Injection of X-Mode for EBW Conversion in QUEST, Hatem ELSERAFY et al., Volume 14, 1205038 (2019)

Assessment on Tokamak Fusion Power Plant to Contribute to Global Climate Stabilization in the Framework of Paris Agreement, Ryoji HIWATARI et al., Volume 14, 1305047 (2019)

Increased Energy Absorption into W due to the Metal Deposited Layer from an ELM-like Pulsed Plasma, Takaya NAKAMORI et al., Volume 14, 1401051 (2019)

Code Development for Calculating Electron Beams in the Cavities of the Future High-Power Gyrotrons, Tomoharu NUMAKURA et al., Volume 14, 2405052 (2019)

Investigation of ICRF Heating Effect in Anchor Region on GAMMA 10/PDX, Mafumi HIRATA et al., Volume 14, 2402055 (2019)

Tritium Release from Molten FLiNaBe under Low Flux Neutron Irradiation, Kohki KUMAGAI et al., Volume 14, 1405044 (2019)

Collisional Merging of Field-Reversed Configurations in the FAT-CM Device Form Targets for the Excitation of Low-Frequency Waves, Akiyoshi HOSOZAWA et al., Volume 14, 2402041 (2019)

Analysis of Ar Impurity Transport in the Large Tandem Mirror Device GAMMA 10/PDX Plasmas, Sayuri TAKECHI et al., Volume 14, 2403045 (2019)