Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Takahiro MORI et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.14, 3401134 (2019).

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Effect of Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Field on Energetic Ion Behavior in the Large Helical Device, Kunihiro OGAWA et al., Volume 14, 1202159 (2019)

Demonstration of Plasma Window with 20 mm Diameter and Pressure Separation for Accelerator Applications, Naoya IKOMA et al., Volume 14, 1206148 (2019)

Reconstruction of Time Series Observed in Linear Magnetized Plasma PANTA via a Machine Learning Algorithm, Yasuhiro NARIYUKI et al., Volume 14, 1301157 (2019)

Finite Larmor Radius Effect on Ion-Temperature-Gradient Instability in Cylindrical Plasmas, Naohiro KASUYA et al., Volume 14, 1401158 (2019)

A Study of the O4+ Emissivity Profiles with Two Separate Photon Emissivity Coefficient Databases and a Comparison of the Impurity Diffusion Coefficients in the Aditya Tokamak, Amrita BHATTACHARYA et al., Volume 14, 1403155 (2019)

Predictions of Plasma Behavior Due to Pellet Injection for Future Thailand Tokamak, Jiraporn PROMPING et al., Volume 14, 3403154 (2019)

Characteristics of Upstream and Downstream Plasma Parameters from Langmuir Probes and Visible Spectrometers in the D-Module of GAMMA 10/PDX, Takaaki IIJIMA et al., Volume 14, 2401156 (2019)

Application of He I Line Intensity Ratio Method to Lyot-Filter-Based Imaging Spectrometry on MAP-II Divertor Simulator, Shinichiro KADO, Volume 14, 2402140 (2019)

Feasibility Study of Holography Using Microwave Scattering, Hayato TSUCHIYA et al., Volume 14, 3402146 (2019)

First Application of 3D Peripheral Plasma Transport Code EMC3-EIRENE to Heliotron J, Ryota MATOIKE et al., Volume 14, 3403127 (2019)

Development of Extended Two-Point Model for Asymmetric Scrape-Off Layer, Apiwat WISITSORASAK et al., Volume 14, 3403150 (2019)

Consideration of the Influence of Coil Misalignment on the Chinese First Quasi-Axisymmetric Stellarator Magnetic Configuration, Akihiro SHIMIZU et al., Volume 14, 3403151 (2019)

Simulation Study of Neutral Beam Injection Heating in the HSX Plasma, Yuya MORISHITA et al., Volume 14, 3403152 (2019)

Comparisons of the Plasma Performance of Future Thailand Tokamak using Various External Heating Schemes, Suphachok BUARUK et al., Volume 14, 3403153 (2019)

Simple Analysis of the Laser-to-Core Energy Coupling Efficiency with Magnetized Fast Isochoric Laser Heating, Shohei SAKATA et al., Volume 14, 3404138 (2019)