Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Kento NISHIDA et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.14, 3401145 (2019).

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Measurement of Thermal and Epithermal Neutron Flux Distribution in the Torus Hall of LHD using Activation Method in the First Deuterium Experiment Campaign, Tomoyo TANAKA et al., Volume 14, 3405162 (2019)

Turbulence Simulation on Zonal Flow Formations in the Presence of Parallel Flows, Makoto SASAKI et al., Volume 14, 1401161 (2019)

Numerical Simulation for Enhancement of H Production in the DC Arc-Discharge Hydrogen Negative Ion Source for Medical Use, Shota YAMADA et al., Volume 14, 3401160 (2019)

Effect of Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Field on Energetic Ion Behavior in the Large Helical Device, Kunihiro OGAWA et al., Volume 14, 1202159 (2019)

Demonstration of Plasma Window with 20 mm Diameter and Pressure Separation for Accelerator Applications, Naoya IKOMA et al., Volume 14, 1206148 (2019)

Reconstruction of Time Series Observed in Linear Magnetized Plasma PANTA via a Machine Learning Algorithm, Yasuhiro NARIYUKI et al., Volume 14, 1301157 (2019)

Finite Larmor Radius Effect on Ion-Temperature-Gradient Instability in Cylindrical Plasmas, Naohiro KASUYA et al., Volume 14, 1401158 (2019)

A Study of the O4+ Emissivity Profiles with Two Separate Photon Emissivity Coefficient Databases and a Comparison of the Impurity Diffusion Coefficients in the Aditya Tokamak, Amrita BHATTACHARYA et al., Volume 14, 1403155 (2019)

Predictions of Plasma Behavior Due to Pellet Injection for Future Thailand Tokamak, Jiraporn PROMPING et al., Volume 14, 3403154 (2019)