Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Akira EJIRI et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.11, 1202004 (2016).

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Recent Studies of Hydrogen Negative Ion Source and Beam Production for NBI in Large Helical Device, Katsunori IKEDA et al., Volume 11, 2505038 (2016)

Study of Heat and Particle Flux in the Case of Gas Injection in the D-Module of GAMMA 10/PDX, Md. Shahinul ISLAM et al., Volume 11, 2402042 (2016)

Effect of Laval Nozzle in the GAMMA 10 SMBI Experiments, Md. Maidul ISLAM et al., Volume 11, 2402053 (2016)

A Study on Hydrogen Transport in Liquid Metals under Steady State Plasma Bombardment, Hailin BI et al., Volume 11, 2405026 (2016)

Toward the Generation of Magnetized Collisionless Shocks with High-Power Lasers, Yoshitaka SHOJI et al., Volume 11, 3401031 (2016)

Thrust Enhanced by a Magnetic Laval Nozzle in an Applied-Field Magneto-Plasma-Dynamic Thruster, Hiroaki NABUCHI et al., Volume 11, 2406033 (2016)

NITA Coil - Innovation for Enlarging the Blanket Space in the Helical Fusion Reactor, Nagato YANAGI et al., Volume 11, 2405034 (2016)

Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Shear Flow Effects on MHD Stability in LHD Plasmas, Katsuji ICHIGUCHI et al., Volume 11, 2403035 (2016)

Improvement in Flexibility of ECCD by Upgraded ECH Antenna System on LHD, Yasuo YOSHIMURA et al., Volume 11, 2402036 (2016)

Depth of Influence on the Plasma by Beam Extraction in a Negative Hydrogen Ion Source for NBI , Shaofei GENG et al., Volume 11, 2405037 (2016)

Effect of HIP Temperature and Cooling Rate on Microstructure and Hardness of Joints for ODS-RAFM Steels and JLF-1 Steel, Haiying FU et al., Volume 11, 2405039 (2016)

Observation of the Strong Temperature Gradient in Detached Plasma by PIC Simulation with Monte Carlo Collision, Theerasarn PIANPANIT et al., Volume 11, 2403040 (2016)

Speedup of Shielding Current Analysis in High-Temperature Superconducting Film: Implementation of H-Matrix Method, Atsushi KAMITANI et al., Volume 11, 2405041(2016)

Simulation of Contactless Crack Detection in HTS Films: Application of H-Matrix Method to Fast Matrix-Vector Multiplication, Teruou TAKAYAMA et al., Volume 11, 2401043 (2016)

Study of the Axial Ion Confinement Time for High Particle Flux Operations of GAMMA 10/PDX, Kazuya ICHIMURA et al., Volume 11, 2405045 (2016)

Studies of AM He Atomic Magnetometer for Fusion Plasmas, Hiroyuki KIYONAGA et al., Volume 11, 2402046 (2016)

Neutron Incident Angle and Energy Distribution at Vacuum Vessel for Beam-Injected Deuterium Plasmas in the Large Helical Device, Shota SUGIYAMA et al., Volume 11, 2403049 (2016)

Evaluation of Tritium Sorption Rate in Soil Packed Bed by Numerical Analysis, Kazuya FURUICHI et al., Volume 11, 2405050 (2016)

Observation of Termination Process of Long Pulse Plasma Discharges Using Stereoscopic Fast Framing Cameras in the Large Helical Device, Mamoru SHOJI et al., Volume 11, 2402056 (2016)

Radiation Field Estimation for the Diagnostic and Control Components by Monte Carlo Neutronics Calculations with LHD 3-Dimensional Modeling, Takeo NISHITANI et al., Volume 11, 2405057 (2016)