Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Canbin HUANG et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.14, 1402128 (2019).

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Simultaneous Measurements of Local Axial and Radial Momentum Fluxes near a Radial Wall of a Helicon Source, Takeharu SUGAWARA et al., Volume 14, 1301143 (2019)

Future Perspectives and Status of Magnetic Mirror Studies in Novosibirsk, Alexandr IVANOV et al., Volume 14, 2402139 (2019)

Structural Changes in Tritium-Substituted Polymeric Materials by Beta Decays: A Molecular Dynamics Study, Haolun LI et al., Volume 14, 3401106 (2019)

Plasma Degradation of Dibromophenols and Interpretation by Molecular Orbital Theory, Tetsuya AKITSU et al., Volume 14, 3401132 (2019)

Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in a Magnetospheric Plasma, Takahiro MORI et al., Volume 14, 3401134 (2019)

Electric Potential Structure in the Extraction Region of the Negative Hydrogen Ion Source, Shingo MASAKI et al., Volume 14, 3401136 (2019)

Horn-Shaped Structure Attached to the Ring-Shaped Ion Velocity Distribution during Magnetic Reconnection with a Guide Field, Shunsuke USAMI et al., Volume 14, 3401137 (2019)

Reduction of the Neutron Induced Noise in the Compact Neutral Particle Analyzer for LHD Deuterium Plasma Experiments, Tetsuo OZAKI et al., Volume 14, 3402142 (2019)

Tomographic Reconstruction of Imaging Diagnostics with a Generative Adversarial Network, Naoki KENMOCHI et al., Volume 14, 1202117 (2019)

Development of a Frequency Comb Sweep Microwave Reflectometer in the Linear Device PANTA, Boyu ZHANG et al., Volume 14, 1201131 (2019)

Application of Ion Sensitive Probe to High Density Plasmas in Magnum-PSI, Yuki HAYASHI et al., Volume 14, 1202135 (2019)

Fast Tangentially Viewed Soft X-Ray Imaging System Based on Image Intensifier with Microchannel Plate Detector on QUEST, Canbin HUANG et al., Volume 14, 1402128 (2019)

Recent Progress in High Resolution 2D Imaging Measurements of Reconnection Heating during Merging Plasma Startup in TS-3, Hiroshi TANABE et al., Volume 14, 3401110 (2019)

Modeling of Heat Pulse Propagation During TESPEL Injection into the LHD Plasma, Vladimir Yu. SERGEEV et al., Volume 14, 3402121 (2019)

Prototype of a Quasi-Optical Launcher System of a 4 mm Round-Trip Interferometer for the QUEST Spherical Tokamak Experiments, Miu YUNOKI et al., Volume 14, 3402122 (2019)

Evaluation of Neutron Emission Rate with FIT3D-DD Code in Large Helical Device, Ryosuke SEKI et al., Volume 14, 3402126 (2019)

Effects of the Plasma Blob Nonlinear Formation/Transport on Impurity Transport in the SOL Regions, Tomoyuki MAEDA et al., Volume 14, 3403133 (2019)

A New Divertor System Using Fusible Metal Pebbles, Takeru OHGO et al., Volume 14, 3405050 (2019)