Plasma and Fusion Research is an electronic journal published by The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research. The journal, covering the wide disciplines of plasma science and technology, is intended to provide an accessible and comprehensive source for analysis and contemporary information and data in all areas of plasma and fusion research.

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Cover image from Kunihiro OGAWA et al., Plasma and Fusion Research Vol.17, 2402012 (2022).

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Prediction of Turbulence Temporal Evolution in PANTA by Long-Short Term Memory Network, Masaomi AIZAWACARANZA et al., Volume 17, 1201048 (2022)

Wave Number Dependence on Ion Mass Number of Resistive Drift Wave Instabilities, Naohiro KASUYA and Makoto SASAKI, Volume 17, 1201053 (2022)

A Fast Electron Transport Model for Lower Hybrid Wave Sustained Plasmas, Akira EJIRI et al., Volume 17, 1402037 (2022)

Edge Transport Barrier Models for Simulating H-Mode Operation Scenarios in DEMO with Integrated Plasma Transport Code TOTAL, Yoshihiro ITAKURA et al., Volume 17, 1403016 (2022)

Characteristics of Density and Temperature Fluctuation in Fusion Edge Plasma and Implication on Scrape off Layer Width, Shimpei ARAI and Yusuke KOSUGA, Volume 17, 1403050 (2022)

Isotope Effect for Plasma Detachment in Helium and Hydrogen/Deuterium Mixture Plasmas, Xinyue GUO et al., Volume 17, 2402027 (2022)

Fast Signal Modeling for Thomson Scattering Diagnostics and Effects on Electron Temperature Evaluation, Hisamichi FUNABA et al., Volume 17, 2402032 (2022)

Investigation of Capability of Current Control by Electron Cyclotron Waves in the Quasiaxisymmetric Stellarator CFQS, Yasuo YOSHIMURA et al., Volume 17, 2402039 (2022)

Equilibrium Magnetic Field Requirements during Plasma Initiation and Current Ramp-up Phase in ADITYA/ADITYA-U Tokamak Discharges, Rakesh L. TANNA et al., Volume 17, 2402046 (2022)

Effects of Collision Velocity and Mirror Ratio on Collision/Merging Processes of Field-Reversed Configurations, Daisuke HARASHIMA et al., Volume 17, 2402056 (2022)

Relations among Turbulent Fluctuations, Zonal Flows, and Transport Coefficients in Time Series Data of Gyrokinetic Simulations, Kotaro FUJII and Masanori NUNAMI, Volume 17, 2403030 (2022)

Comparison of MHD Stability between Positive- and Negative-Triangularity Tokamak Plasmas with Internal Transport Barriers, Yusai MASAMOTO et al., Volume 17, 2403038 (2022)

Cyogenic Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Yb:YAG Ceramics, Akifumi IWAMOTO et al., Volume 17, 2405033 (2022)

Numerical Investigation on Applicability of jC-Measurement Method to Multiple High-Temperature Superconducting Tape, Takazumi YAMAGUCHI et al., Volume 17, 2405035 (2022)

Measurement of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function of Tungsten Surface Sputtered in Argon Plasma, Hiroki NATSUME et al., Volume 17, 2405041 (2022)

Up-Grade Bypass Controlled Supercritical CO2 Gas Turbine for 0.6 GWth FFHR Series Fusion Reactors, Sintaro ISHIYAMA et al., Volume 17, 2405054 (2022)

Conceptual Design of Plasma Vacuum Vessel for Fusion DEMO Considering Integration of Core Components, Arata NISHIMURA, Volume 17, 2405058 (2022)

Surface Condition of Zn Target in a DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Plasma Source Using Water Vapor Plasma, Allen Vincent CATAPANG et al., Volume 17, 2406040 (2022)

Design and Analysis of a Plasma Chamber for Thermal Processing Applications, Deepak SHARMA et al., Volume 17, 2406051 (2022)

Monte Carlo Solver for Partly Calculating a Solution to the Poisson Equation in Three-Dimensional Curvilinear Coordinates, Ryutaro KANNO et al., Volume 17, 1403029 (2022)

Direct Tungsten/Copper Bonding for Divertor Application, Keisuke YAMAUCHI et al., Volume 17, 1405049 (2022)

Spatial Profiles of NeVI-NeX Emission in ECR-Heated Discharges of the Large Helical Device with Divertor Detachment Induced by RMP Application and Ne Impurity Seeding, Tetsutarou OISHI et al., Volume 17, 2402022 (2022)

Estimation of the Tritium Yields in Deuterium Fusion Plasmas Considering the Fast-Ion Velocity Distribution Function, Hideo NUGA et al., Volume 17, 2402023 (2022)

Soft X-Ray Tomography for the Study of MHD Instability Mode and Impurity Transport, Dong LI et al., Volume 17, 2402028 (2022)

ICRF Plasma Production with the W7-X Like Antenna in the Uragan-2M Stellarator, Yurii V. KOVTUN et al., Volume 17, 2402034 (2022)

Effect of Initial-Plasmoid Density Reduction on Collisional Merging Process of Field-Reversed Configurations, Daichi KOBAYASHI et al., Volume 17, 2402043 (2022)

Quaternion Analysis of Transient Phenomena in Matrix Converter Based on Space-Vector Modulation, Kazuo NAKAMURA et al., Volume 17, 2405025 (2022)

Effect of Oversized Factor on 0.1 THz Surface Wave Oscillator, Yuta ANNAKA et al., Volume 17, 2406036 (2022)