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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 9 Special Issue 2 (2014)

Papers from the 23rd International Toki Conference
on Large-scale Simulation and Fusion Science research


The 23rd International Toki Conference (ITC-23) on “Large-scale Simulation and Fusion Science research” was held in Toki through 18 to 21 November 2013, organized by the National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences. This was the twenty-third meeting of a series that originated in 1989, when the National Institute for Fusion Science was established. The main topic of the conference was the frontiers of simulation science in plasma and fusion research. It also covered the topics related to diagnostics, atomic process, fusion engineering, and astrophysical plasmas. The topics selected for the conference were as follows:

  1. The Leading Edge of Large-scale Numerical Simulation
  2. Magnetically-Confined Fusion Plasmas
  3. Inertially-Confined Fusion Plasmas
  4. Fusion Engineering and Fusion Reactor Concepts
  5. Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
  6. Basic Plasma Research and Plasma Applications
  7. Imaging Science

This special issue of Plasma and Fusion Research (PFR) contains 83 regular articles and 1 overview article which were presented at the conference. These papers have been accepted for publication after being peer-reviewed through the processes administrated by the editors listed below:

Guest Editors

  • Shinsuke SATAKE (NIFS) Chairperson
  • Ritoku HORIUCHI (NIFS) Co-chairperson
  • Hideo SUGAMA (NIFS) Co-chairperson
  • Hideaki MIURA (NIFS), Tomohiko WATANABE (NIFS), Masayuki YOKOYAMA (NIFS),
  • Hiroaki OHTANI (NIFS), Hiroaki NAKAMURA (NIFS), Arimichi TAKAYAMA (NIFS),
  • Teruya TANAKA (NIFS), Yoshimitsu HISHINUMA (NIFS), Daiji KATOH (NIFS),
  • Takeshi IDO (NIFS), Takashi SHIMOZUMA (NIFS), Shin KUBO (NIFS),
  • Akira SASAKI (JAEA), Shin-ichi KITAZAWA (JAEA), Hiroaki KURISHITA (Tohoku Univ.),
  • Nobuaki OHNO (Univ. Hyogo), Hiroto MATSUURA (Osaka Pref. Univ.),
  • Mieko TOIDA (Nagoya Univ.), Jiquan LI (Kyoto Univ.)

PFR Regular Editors

  • Yasushi TODO (NIFS)
  • Kiyohiko NISHIMURA (NIFS)

NIFS: National Institute for Fusion Science
JAEA: Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Special thanks to the editorial members of Plasma and Fusion Research, especially to Professor Hitoki YONEDA (former PFR Editor-in-Chief), Yukiharu OHSAWA (PFR Chairperson of Editorial Board), and Arimichi TAKAYAMA, Ms. Keiko SUGIYAMA and Ms. Mari HOBO (PFR editorial office), for their help on editing and publication of this special issue.

Shinsuke Satake
Chairperson of Guest Editor
November 1, 2014