28th JSPF Annual Meeting /The 29th Symposium on Plasma Processing / The Physical Society of Japan, 2011 Autumn Meeting

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■Symposium P1 [JSPF]
Status and prospect of international collaboration on PWI research
11/22(Tue)14:45-16:15 [A Hall]

Chairperson: Y. Ueda (Osaka Univ.)
1.Introduction Y. Ueda (Osaka Univ.)
2.Reminiscence of PWI studies performed under international co-operations and suggestions for future works
T. Tanabe (Kyushu Univ.)
3.Application of resonant magnetic perturbations to tokamak plasmas Y. Kikuchi (Univ. of Hyogo)
4.Plasma Behavior Analysis through PWI Phenomena in the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor Plasma M. Sakamoto (Tsukuba Univ.)
5.Tritium accumulation in plasma facing walls Y. Torikai (Toyama Univ.)
6.Behavior of hydrogen isotopes in neutron-irradiated plasma-facing materials Y. Hatano (Toyama Univ.)
7.Future prospects of international collaboration on PWI research Y. Nakamura (NIFS)

●Symposium O1 [JSAP]
Latest topics of plasma diagnosis
11/22(Tue)10:55-12:25 [B Hall]

Chairperson: H. Matsuura (Osaka Prefecture Univ.)
1. Electron density measurement with a frequency shift probe  K. Nakamura (Chubu Univ.)
2. Measurement of N2 (A3S+u) density in plasmas by cavity-ringdown absorption spectroscopy employing a diode laser K. Sasaki (Hokkaido Univ.)
3. Thomson scattering measurement for various reactive plasma K. Uchino (Kyusyu Univ.)

●Symposium O2 [JSAP]
Practical Use of Numerical Simulations of Actual Processing Plasmas
11/22(Tue)13:40-15:10 [B Hall]

Chairperson: H. Yamada (AIST)
1. Plasma Simulation of Si3N4 CVD Process S.-Y. Kang (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)
2. Numerical Simulation of Plasma-induced Charging during SiO2 Etching T. Yagisawa (Keio Univ.)
3. Virtual OES of Hydrogen Emission and its Application to Process Control N. Kuboi (Sony Corp.)

☆Symposium R1 [JSPF, JSAP, JPS Joint Session ]
Non-equilibrium states of various plasmas
11/22(Tue) 11:45-13:15 [C Hall]

Chairperson: A.Fujisawa (Kyushu Univ.)
1.Purposes of symposium   A.Fujisawa (Kyushu Univ.)
2.Dynamic Behavior of Multi-Phase Structure Plasmas in a Cathode Arc Spot   Y.Uesugi(Kanazawa Univ.)   
3.Physicochemical behaviors of nano-bio non-equilibrium plasmas at the gas-liquid interface   T. Kaneko(Tohoku Univ.)
4.Modern view of turbulence and transport in magnetized plasmas   A.Fujisawa (Kyushu Univ.)

☆Symposium R2 [JSPF, JSAP, JPS Joint Session]
Solving the Mystery of Plasmoid Reconnection - Joint Research among Laboratory, Observation and Numerical Simulation
11/22(Tue)13:50-15:20 [E Hall]

1.Experimental Study of Plasmoid Ejection as a Fast Magnetic Reconnection Mechanism Y. Ono (Univ. Tokyo)
2.Plasmoid Ejections and associated Particle Accelerations in Solar Observations N. Nishizuka (JAXA/ISAS)
3.Simulation Study on the Trigger Mechanism of Solar Flares and Plasmoid Ejection K. Kusano (Nagoya Univ.)
4.Plasmoids as evidence of dynamic reconnection in the planetary magnetospheres M. Fujimoto (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

☆SymposiumR3 [JSPF, JSAP, JPS Joint Session]
Prospect of Simulation Research for BA IFERC-CSC
11/23(Wed) 10:40-12:10 [A Hall]

Chairpersons: Masahiro Mori(JAEA)
1.Point of a symposium Masahiro Mori(JAEA)
2.Outline of the IFERC-CSC activity Yasutomo Ishii(JAEA)
3.Theory and simulation research in JAEA for the IFERC-CSC Masatoshi Yagi(JAEA, Kyushu Univ.)
4.Simulation research for toroidal fusion plasama including 3D effects Hideo Sugama (NIFS)
5.Integrated simulation of reactor plasmas at IFERC-CSC Atsushi Fukuyama (Kyoto Univ.)
6.Multi-scale modeling for the design of the fusion materials Kazunori Morishita (Kyoto Univ.)

●SymposiumO3 [JSPF and JSAP Joint Session]
A New Frontier of Plasma Science and Technology: Challenges of Life Innovation
11/23(Wed)11:50-16:00(13:50-14:10 Break)[B Hall]

Chairpersons: S. Hamaguchi (Osaka Univ.), K. Shimizu (Shizuoka Univ.)
1. Introduction : S. Hamaguchi (Osaka Univ.)
2. Commercialization of gas-plasma sterilization and policies of Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare H. Shintani (Chuo Unvi.)
3. Bio-electrics: interaction of plasmas with organisms H. Akiyama (Kumamoto Univ.)
4. Plasma medicine with the use of plasma induced liquid chemistry K. Kitano (Osaka Univ.)
5. Current status of gastroenterological endoscopy with an argon plasma coagulator T. Niwa (Wakayama Medical Univ.)
6. Plasma treatment of artificial bones and bone regenerative medicine A. Myoui (Osaka Univ.)
7. Plasma Biosciences Research Center for Next Generation Green and Life Science and Technology E. H. Choi(Kwangoon Univ.)

◆SymposiumB1 [JPS]
Advances in Plasma Simulations toward Post-Peta FLOPS Computing
11/23(Wed)12:40-14:10 [C Hall]

Chairpersons: R. Matsumoto(Chiba Univ.)
1.Opening talk for the symposium on post-peta FLOPS plasma simulations R. Matsumoto(Chiba Univ.)
2.Local View Kernels: New Programming Framework for Plasma Simulations H. Nakashimai(Kyoto Univ.)
3.A perspective on hybrid simulation of energetic particles and MHD for fusion burning plasmas Y. Todo(NIFS)
4.MHD dynamo simulation and its visualization A. Kageyama(Kobe Univ.)
5.MHD simulations using GPU clusters and automated program generation T. Muranushi(Kyoto Univ.)

◆SymposiumB2 [JPS]
Interaction between plasma engineering and plasma science for space exploration
11/23(Wed) 14:30-16:00 [C Hall]

Chairpersons: Shunjiro Shinohara and T. Hada(Kyushu Univ.)
1.Introduction T. Hada(Kyushu Univ.)
2.History and Prospects on Research, Development and Application of Electric Rockets H. Kuninaka(JAXA)
3.Plasma Acceleration using RF Technology and Future Prospects for High Power Electric Propulsion A. Ando(Tohoku Univ.)
4.Plasma Particle Simulation toward the Development of Advanced Space Propulsion H. Usui(Kobe Univ.)
5.Discussion S. Shinohara( Tokyo Univ. Agriculture and Technol.) (discussion leader)

●Symposium P2 [JSPF]
Utilization of fusion neutrons and evaluation of hybrid reactor 11/23(Wed)12:00-13:300 [EHall]

Chairpersons: T. Norimatsu(ILE, Osaka Univ.)
1.Purpose of symposium T. Norimatsu(ILE, Osaka Univ.)
2.Accelerator based neutron source and its application K. Tsujimoto(JAEA)
3.Prospect of Laser Neutron Source M. Murakami(ILE, Osaka Univ.)
4.Radioactive Waste Disposal by Nuclear Transmutation K. Takanori(Osaka Univ.)
5.A Fusion Neutron Source as an Irradiation Facility for Components and Materials T. Shikama(IMR, Tohoku Univ.)

●SymposiumO4 [JSAP]
What is the best way to understand the plasma process mechanisms?
11/24(Thu) 10:40-12:10 [B Hall]

Chairperson: K. Kurihara(Toshiba Corp.)
1. In situ Electron Spin Resonance Study of Plasma-Surface Interactions K. Ishikawa (Nagoya Univ.)
2. Experimental simulation of plasma-surface interactions using ion/radical beams  K. Karahashi (Osaka Univ.)
3. Plasma Process-Induced Damage in Microelectronics Fabrication K. Eriguchi (Kyoto Univ.)

●SymposiumO5 [JSAP]
Plasma Green Innovation [English session]
11/24(Thu) 13:40-17:10(15:10-15:30 break) [B Hall]

Chairpersons: H. Kousaka (Nagoya Univ.), T. Nozaki(Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
1. Introductory Talk  T. Nozaki(Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
2. PISCES plasma-beryllium interactions studies for ITER  D. Nishijima(UCSD, USA)
3. Plasma Processing for solar cells  S. D. Wolf(EPFL, Switzerland)
4. high-efficiency silicon solar cells via advanced plasma technology   X. Shuyan(Nanyan Technological Univ., Singapore)
5. Large-area synthesis of graphene by plasma CVD and its application as transparent conductive films  J. Kim(AIST)
6. Gas Plasma-based Advanced Infection Control for Green Hospitals  Y. Sakiyama(UCB, USA)

■Symposium P3 [JSPF]
Study on maintenance, recycle, and radioactive waste management of fusion reactor
11/24(Thu)12:00-13:30 [CHall]

Chairpersons: A. NISHIMURA (NIFS)
1.Brief introduction of a new committee A. NISHIMURA (NIFS)
2.Whole image of radioactive maintenance target T. HAYASHI (JAEA)
3.Accumulation and removal of tritium Y. HATANO (Toyama Univ.)
4. Outline of recycle scenario K. TOBITA (JAEA)
5.Decommissioning and radioactive waste management S. YANAGIHARA (Fukui Univ.)
6. General discussion among attendants S. MATSUDA (Tokyo Institute of Technol.)

☆Symposium R4 [JSPF]
Plasma phase transition: a concept to understand the origin of sudden events and structure formation in plasmas and discharges and its application
11/24(Thu)12:00-13:30 [EHall]

Chairpersons:Y.Kishimoto (Kyoto Univ.)
1. Dynamics beyond plasma formation and ionization processes Y.Kishimoto (Kyoto Univ.)
2.Investigation of streamer inception and branching conditions using an ultra fast ICCD camera E.Takahashi(AIST)
3.Dynamics of underwater discharge: A Scenario of Multiple Events from Pre-breakdown to Post-discharge S. Kanazawa(Oita Univ.)
4.Generation and contribution of runaway electrons in long-gap discharges in air T. Fujii (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
5.Modeling of inception and structure formation of discharge based on percolation transition A. Sasaki(JAEA)

■Symposium P4 [JSPF]
Expansion of Fusion Science by LHD Deuterium Experiments
11/25(Fri)  10:20-11:50 [AHall]

Chairpersons: M. Sasao
0.Introduction (M. Sasao, Tohoku Univ.)
1.Project summary for LHD deuterium experiments (Y. Takeiri, NIFS)
2.Energetic particle confinement in burning plasmas (T. Nishitani, JAEA)
3.Isotope effects in hydrogen recycling (T. Tanabe, Kyushu Univ.)
4.Physics of isotope effects on turbulent transport in LHD plasmas (T. -H. Watanabe, NIFS)
5.Discussion (M. Sasao, Tohoku Univ.)

■Symposium P5 [JSPF]
Code Development and Integration for Simulation of Tritium Behavior in Fusion Reactor
11/25(Fri)10:20-11:50 [DHall]

Chairpersons: Kaoru Ohya
0.Introduction  Kaoru Ohya (Univ. Tokushima)
1.Plasma-Wall Interaction
1.1Integrated Simulation of Core, SOL/Divertor and Plasma-Wall Interaction Kazuo Hoshino 1, Katsuhiro Shimizu 1, Tomonori Takizuka 1, Kaoru Ohya 2 (1 JAEA, 2 Tokushima Univ.)
1.2 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach to Plasma-Wall Interaction   Atsushi M. Ito, Seiki Saito, Arimichi Takayama, Hiroaki Nakamura (NIFS)
2.Blanket and Tritium Permiation and Leakage
2.1 R&D of prediction system for tritium transport in pebble bed breeder blanket Yohji Seki, Takanori Hirose, Hisashi Tanigawa, Enoeda Mikio (JAEA)
2.2Multi-scale modeling on hydrogen permeation and leakage behavior Takuji Oda, Satoru Tanaka (Univ. Tokyo)

■Symposium P6 [JSPF]
Extreme plasma diagnostics
11/25(Fri) 12:30-14:00 [DHall]

Chairpersons: K. Ida (NIFS)
1.Introduction K. Ida (NIFS)
2.Advanced plasma diagnostics using lasers T. Yabuuchi (Osaka Univ.)
3.Fusion of advanced plasma spectroscopy and confinement research M. Hasuo (Kyoto Univ.)
4. Dynamics of global transport and turbulence noise force - an experimental analysis on plasma turbulence Y. Nagashima (Kyushu Univ.)


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