28th JSPF Annual Meeting /The 29th Symposium on Plasma Processing / The Physical Society of Japan, 2011 Autumn Meeting

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International Session

International Session

 *presentation 25min・discussion 5min

■22 Nov.14:00-14:30 Room-A  Chair:M Nakai( Osaka Univ.)
22A01 Christopher J. Keane (LLNL, USA):The National Ignition Facility: An International User Facility for High Energy Density Science

■24 Nov.10:40-12:40 Room-A Chair:M.Kikuchi(JAEA)
24A01 Todd Evans (GA, USA):Physics of resonant magnetic perturbations in toroidal plasmas

24A02 Thomas Puetterich (MPI, Germany) :ELM mitigation using the recently installed active in-vessel coils at ASDEX Upgrade

24A03 H. K. Park (POSTEC, Korea) :Plasma Imaging and transient MHD instabilities in toroidal devices

24A04 Eric Hollmann(UCSD, USA) :Experiments on disruption runaway electron suppression in the DIII-D tokamak

■24 Nov. 13:50-15:50 Room-A Chair:K.Ida(NIFS)
24A05 Carlos Hidalgo (LNF, Spain) :On the dynamics of plasma flow, gradients and transport in fusion plasmas

24A06 T.S. Hahm (SNU, Korea):Toroidal momentum transport and intrinsic rotation in tokamaks

24A07 W. Guttenfelder (PPPL, USA):Recent Progress in Transport and Turbulence Research at NSTX

24A08 J. M. Kwon (WCI CFT, Korea):Study of symmetry breaking and momentum transport in tokamaks

■24 Nov. 16:10-17:10 Room-A Chair:A.Fujisawa(Kyushu Univ.)
24A09 Stella Oldenbuerger (Universite Henri Poincar, France):Study of nonlinear processes of fluctuations in laboratory magnetized plasmas

24A10 Min Xu (UCSD, USA) :Studies of nonlinear turbulence-shear flow interactions in basic plasma devices

■24 Nov. 17:30-19:00 Room-A Chair:A.Fujisawa(Kyushu Univ.)
24A11 Hans L. Pecseli (Univ. Oslo, Norway) :Experimental studies of intermittency and turbulent transport in linear and toroidal magnetized plasmas

24A12 K.J.Zhao (SWIP, China):Experimental study of turbulence on HL-2A tokamak

24A13 T. Estrada (Euratom-CIEMAT) :Interaction between turbulence and shear flows during L-H transitions in TJ-II plasmas

■25 Nov. 13:00-14:30 Room-A Chair:Y. Sakawa(Osaka Univ.)
25A01 P.K. Patel (LLNL, USA):Status of Fast Ignition ICF Research at LLNL

25A02 P.A. Norreys (RAL, UK):Status of high energy density physics research in UK

25A03 Michel Koenig (LULI EP, France):Warm Dense Matter Experiments at LULI Laboratory

■25 Nov. 14:50-15:50 Room-A Chair:Y. Sakawa(Osaka Univ.)
25A04 Amita Das (IPR, India):Guiding and Collimation of Electron Current Pulse in a Plasma

25A05 Zheng-Ming Sheng (SJTU, China):Collisional effects on beam transport in dense plasma

■25 Nov. 10:20-12:20 Room-B Chair:K Kondo(JAEA Kansai)
25B01 Farhat N. Beg (UCSD, USA) : Fast electron divergence and transport in laser-driven shock heated warm dense matter

25B02 M. Nishiuchi (KPSI, Japan) :Ion acceleration by the interaction between the high peak power femtosecond laser pulses and the solid density targets

25B03 S.Fujioka (ILE, Osaka Univ. Japan) :Realization of high efficient heating of compressed fusion fuel with high-energy peta-watt laser LFEX

25B04 Javier Sanz Recio (UPM, Spain) :Stability analysis of double ablation fronts in inertial confinement fusion

■25 Nov. 13:20-14:20 Room-B Chair:A.Ando(Tohoku Univ.)
25B05 A. Ando (Osaka Univ. Japan):Extracellular matrix (ECM) patterning by atmospheric-pressure plasmas for arranging neuronal cells on silicon substrates

25B06 M.Y. Pustylnik (MPI, Garching, Germany):Transient low-pressure nanosecond pulse discharge in a preionized medium

■25 Nov. 14:30-16:00 Room-B Chair:S. Shinohara(Tokyo Univ. Agriculture and Technology)
25B07 Kyu-sun Chung (Hanyang Univ., Korea) : A General Analysis of Electric Probes: Deduction of Mach Number and Plasma Density in Complex Plasmas

25B08 Alex Samarian (The Univ. Sydney, Australia) : Dust in magnetized plasmas

25B09 H. Totsuji (Okayama Univ., Japan) : Structure and dynamics of fine particles in plasmas with cylindrical symmetry: Charge separation and formation of “Screw”

■25 Nov. 10:20-11:50 Room-C Chair:Y.Kishimoto(Kyoto Univ.)
25C01 Rod Boswell (The Australian National Univ., Australia) : A review of low pressure expanding plasmas applied to electric propulsion, astrophysical objects and nanotechnolog

25C02 Charlson C. Kim ((PSIC, Univ. Washington, USA) : Analysis of hybrid kinetic-MHD simulation

25C03 V. K. Decyk (UCLA, USA) : Hierarchical domain decompositions for particle-in-cell codes

■25 Nov. 12:40-13:40 Room-C Chair:S Kubo (NIFS)
25C04 Caroline Darbos (ITER, France) : Overview of the ITER electron cyclotron H&CD system

25C05 M.Nunami (NIFS, Japan) : Gyrokinetic simulation study on ITG turbulence transport in LHD experiment


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