Volume 7 (2006)

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Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of
14th International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion (ITC-14)
4th International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and their Applications (ICAMDATA 2004)

- New Research on Atomic and Molecular Processes and the Increasing Applications to Plasmas, Science and Technology -

October 5 - 8, 2004

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  • pp.203-206 : Calculation of Low-Energy Electron Dissociative Attachment of Molecular Hydrogen for Plasma Applications
    HORÁČEK Jiří, HOUFEK Karel, ČÍŽEK Martin, MURAKAMI Izumi, KATO Daiji and KATO Takako
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  • pp.207-209 : Electron-Impact Collision Cross Sections Involving H2 and N2 Vibrationally and Electronically Excited Molecules
    CELIBERTO Roberto, LARICCHIUTA Annarita and JANEV Ratko K.
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  • pp.210-212 : Cross Sections for Polarization Relaxation of Excited Neon Atoms by Helium Atom Collisions: Disalignment and Disorientation
    FUJIMOTO Takashi, HASUO Masahiro and NIMURA Masanori
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  • pp.213-216 : Broadening and Shifting of the Alkali-Metal Resonance Lines by Collisions of Like Monatoms
    BOULEDROUA Moncef, DALGARNO Alex and CÔTÉ Robin
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  • pp.217-219 : Second Virial Coefficients and Viscosity Property of Monatomic Alkali-Metal Gases
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  • pp.220-223 : Theoretical Study on Energy Structures and Radiative Transition Characteristics of Highly Charged Ni-like Ions
    DONG Chen-zhong, XIE Lu-you, WAN Jian-jie, JIANG Jun and YAN Jun
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  • pp.224-226 : Theoretical Atomic Structure Data for Sn and Xe Ions
    KOC Konrad, KAGAWA Takashi and NISHIHARA Katsunobu
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  • pp.227-229 : Energy Levels and Radiative Rates for Transitions in Fe X
    AGGARWAL Kanti M. and KEENAN Francis P.
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  • pp.230-232 : Excitation Rates for Transitions in Fe XIII
    AGGARWAL Kanti M. and KEENAN Francis P.
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  • pp.233-236 : Atomic Data for Hollow Atom Production by High Brightness X-Rays and Its Applications
    MORIBAYASHI Kengo, KAGAWA Takashi and KIM Dong Eon
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  • pp.237-240 : Cross Sections of Charge Transfer by Slow Doubly-Charged Carbon Ions from Various Carbon Containing Molecules
    KUSAKABE Toshio, SHIOTA Kenji, KUBO Hirotaka and SHIRAI Toshizo
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  • pp.241-244 : Cross Sections of Charge Transfer by Slow Singly-Charged Carbon Ions from Various Hydrocarbon Molecules
    KUSAKABE Toshio, IMOU Kazumichi, TOMITA Noriaki, HOSOMI Kenji, NAKANISHI Hiroshi, SATOH Sinichi, NAKAI Yohta, TAWARA Hiroyuki and KIMURA Mineo
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  • pp.245-248 : Theoretical RCI Simulation for Spectra Emitted from Sn and Xe Ions as an EUV Light Source
    KAGAWA Takashi, NISHIHARA Katsunobu, SASAKI Akira and KOIKE Fumihiro
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  • pp.249-252 : Electronic Potential Energy of H2- and CHe4+ Diatomic Ions
    PICHL Lukáš , LI Yan, BUENKER Robert J, KIMURA Mineo, HORÁČEK Jiří and SCHNEIDER Ioan
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  • pp.253-255 : Precise and Accurate Calculations of Electronic Transitions in Heavy Atomic Ions Relevant to Extreme Ultra-Violet Light Sources
    KOIKE Fumihiro, FRITZSCHE Stephan, NISHIHARA Katsunobu, SASAKI Akira, KAGAWA Takashi, NISHIKAWA Takashi, FUJIMA Kazumi, KAWAMURA Tohru and FURUKAWA Hiroyuki
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  • pp.256-259 : Laser Assisted Single Ionization of a Hydrogenic Ion by Electron Impact
    SINHA Chandana and CHATTOPADHYAY Arpita
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  • pp.260-261 : Role of Exchange for Large Δl Excitation of Ions by Electrons
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  • pp.262-264 : Electron Transport Parameters in Pure C5F8 and C5F8-Ar Mixtures
    HARIMA Takahisa, HIRAMA Nobuo, INOUE Masafumi, MAMADA Yusuke and NAKAMURA Yoshiharu
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  • pp.265-269 : Contribution of Lattice Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation Approach to the Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center
    MINAMI Tatsuya, SCHULTZ David R. and PINDZOLA Michael S.
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  • pp.270-273 : Orientation Phenomena for Electron-Ion Collisional s-p Excitation in Semiclassical Strongly Coupled Plasmas
    SONG Mi-Young and JUNG Young-Dae
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  • pp.274-277 : Verification of the Atomic Data for the X-Ray Spectroscopy at the Tokamak TEXTOR
    MARCHUK Oleksandr, BERTSCHINGER Günter, URNOV Aleksandr, GORYAEV Farid, BADNELL Nigel and WHITEFORD Allan
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  • pp.278-281 : Relativistic Many-Body Calculations of Multipole (E1, M1, E2, M2, E3, M3) Transition Wavelengths and Rates between Excited and Ground States in Nickel-Like Ions
    SAFRONOVA Ulyana I. and SAFRONOVA Alla S.
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  • pp.282-285 : Excitation Energies, Oscillator Strengths, and Transition Rates in B I, Al I, Ga I, In I, and Tl I
    SAFRONOVA Ulyana I.
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  • pp.286-289 : Laser Assisted Excitation (to n = 2 Level) of a Hydrogenic Ion Inside a Plasma Medium
    CHATTOPADHYAY Arpita and SINHA Chandana
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  • pp.290-293 : Interference Effect in the Relativistic Inner Shell Ionization of Atoms by Electron Impact
    PUROHIT Ghanshyam, CHOUBISA Rakesh and SUD Krishan K.
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  • pp.294-296 : Semiclassical Formulation of Optimal Control Theory
    KONDORSKIY Alexey, MIL'NIKOV Gennady and NAKAMURA Hiroki
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  • pp.297-299 : Selective Excitation of Metastable Atomic States by Femto- and Attosecond Laser Pulses
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  • pp.300-302 : Single-Electron-Capture by O2+ Ions from O2 and N2 Gases
    HASAN Asad T. and GRAY Tom J.
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