The Japan Society of Plasma Science
and Nuclear Fusion Research
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The Annual Meeting
is held every year in late autumn. More than 500 participants present and discuss their study results on their research fields of basic plasma physics, plasma applications, nuclear fusion, fusion engineering, and others. The special talks and symposia are also held during the meeting.

The Joint Conference on Fusion Energy
is co-hosted by the JSPF and the Atomic Energy Society of Japan every two or three years. The meeting covers core plasma, fusion engineering, and other related issues. The objectives of the meeting are to share and promote the knowledge about nuclear energy, and to build deeper cooperation between industry and academia.

The Plasma Conference

is co-organized by the JSPF and the related societies (the Physical Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) every three years. The symposium focuses on the point that all researchers and engineers working in the field of plasma science (basic plasma, space plasma, fusion plasma and plasma application) gather in a meeting and discuss the plasma science over the field.

Education and Publicity

The Summer School for Young Scientists and Engineers
is held every year and organized by graduate students themselves. This school aims at fostering young scientists to challenge unexploited fields and spreading the global knowledge required for plasma science and fusion research.

The Short Course on Plasma and Fusion Research
is held every year to introduce most advanced technologies in plasma science and nuclear fusion research (particularly in plasma application) to researchers and engineers in universities and industries.

The Public Lecture
is held to introduce basic knowledge and recent technologies in plasma science and nuclear fusion research. This meeting is open to public (citizens and high school students etc.). The JSPF also conducts a special meeting for high school students to discuss their research activities with many students from other high schools and scientists in our society.