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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 6, 2405115 (2011)

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Study on the Calibration of LHD Neutron Monitoring System
Naoto NISHIO, Atsushi YAMAZAKI, Kenichi WATANABE, Akira URITANI, Mitsutaka ISOBE1) and Hirokuni YAMANISHI1)
Division of Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Nagoya University, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki 509-5292, Japan
(Received 5 January 2011 / Accepted 2 June 2011 / Published 26 August 2011)


Neutron monitoring is quite important because neutron yield generated by fusion reactions corresponds to the fusion output. In design of the neutron monitor, Monte Carlo simulations play an important role to make corrections on various parameters, such as neutron energy spectrum and spatial distribution when determining the calibration constant. We consider the calibration procedures using a Cf point source toroidally rotating in the vacuum vessel, and evaluate uncertainties of the calibration constant for the neutron detector placed on the center axis.


neutron monitor, MCNP, calibration, LHD, fusion reactor

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.6.2405115


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This paper may be cited as follows:

Naoto NISHIO, Atsushi YAMAZAKI, Kenichi WATANABE, Akira URITANI, Mitsutaka ISOBE and Hirokuni YAMANISHI, Plasma Fusion Res. 6, 2405115 (2011).