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Plasma and Fusion Research

Volume 4, 008 (2009)

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Numerical Study of the Ripple Resonance Diffusion of Alpha Particles in Tokamaks
Hideyuki MIMATA, Keiji TANI1), Hiroaki TSUTSUI, Kenji TOBITA2), Shunji TSUJI-IIO and Ryuichi SHIMADA
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo 152-8550, Japan
Nippon Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. Naka Office, Naka 311-0193, Japan
Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Naka 311-0193, Japan
(Received 30 September 2008 / Accepted 16 January 2009 / Published 16 March 2009)


The energy dependence of the diffusion coefficients of α particles in rippled fields of tokamaks is numerically investigated with an orbit-following Monte Carlo code. The diffusion coefficients are enhanced around the ripple resonance energy while they are not so much enhanced in the neighborhood of it. Consequently, they have a local minimum near the resonance energy, and hence they have an M-shaped energy dependence. Ripple resonance is caused by a radial change of the toroidal precession of banana particles, and creates islands in (Nφ, ψ) phase space. Since particles outside the separatrix are the main contributors to diffusion enhancement, the M-shaped energy dependence is explained by the co-existence of open and closed orbits in the phase space. Ripple resonance diffusion is dominant for fusion-produced α particles since the resonance energy width occupies a large portion of the energy range in their slowing-down processes.


α particle, tokamak, particle diffusion, ripple resonance, mapping model, Poincaré map

DOI: 10.1585/pfr.4.008


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Hideyuki MIMATA, Keiji TANI, Hiroaki TSUTSUI, Kenji TOBITA, Shunji TSUJI-IIO and Ryuichi SHIMADA, Plasma Fusion Res. 4, 008 (2009).