▼Area of Presentation

A. Basic Plasma Physics
  • A1 Basic plasma physics, discharge physics
  • A2 Space plasma, Astrophysical plasma
  • A3 Highenergydensity science, Quantum beam
  • A4 Extremely nonequilibrium plasmas
  • A5 Waves, instabilities, flow, and acceleration in plasmas
  • A6 Plasma diagnostics
  • A7 Atomic and molecular processes, elementary surface processes
  • A8 Nonneutral plasma, complex plasma
  • A9 Plasma sources, ion sources
  • A10 Datadriven plasma science
  • A11 Others
  • ----
  • 昨年からの変更点:A3に量子ビームを追加

B. Applications
  • B1 Plasma sources and monitoring for industry
  • B2 Deposition and surface treatments
  • B3 Etching
  • B4 Nanotechnology
  • B5 Life sciences
  • B6 Environment and energy
  • B7 Novel applications and cross-disciplinary fields
  • B8 Others

C. Fusion Plasma
  • C1 Equilibrium・Stability
  • C2 Confinement・Transport・Turbulence
  • C3 Heating・Current drive・High energy particle physics
  • C4 Scrape-off layer・Divertor physics
  • C5 Steady state operation・Control
  • C6 Measurement・Diagnostics
  • C7 High beta・Compact system physics
  • C8 Inertial fusion・High energy density plasma
  • C9 Others
  • ----
  • 昨年からの変更点:C8に慣性核融合と高エネルギー密度プラズマをまとめる

D. Fusion Engineering
  • D1 Reactor Design
  • D2 Magnets
  • D3 Blankets (including Blanket Materials)
  • D4 Divertor/Plasma Facing Components (including Divertor Materials)
  • D5 Heating and Current Drive System
  • D6 Fuel Systems and Tritium
  • D7 Safety and Maintenance
  • D8 Socioeconomics and Sociology of Fusion Reactors
  • D9 Neutronics and Neutron Sources
  • D10 Measurements and Control
  • D11 Others

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