The Asia Plasma and Fusion Association, (APFA) was established under the cooperation of the academic society and research laboratories related to the plasma and the nuclear fusion of Japan, China, and South Korea in 1998.

It agrees on the participation of India at the 4th conference, and four countries (Japan, China, South Korea, and India) become parent management organizations of the APFA from the 5th conference.


The purpose of the APFA is to organize Asian scientists and engineers working in plasma and fusion science and engineering, to exchange information, to strengthen friendships, to promote the education of young scientists and engineers, and to contribute to the development of plasma science and fusion engineering.

President and Board of Directors

  • 1. APFA is administered by Board of Directors.
  • 2. The Board of Directors consists of a President, a General Secretary and Directors from Japan, China, Korea and India. Those four countries send three Directors each to the Board of Directors.
  • 3. The Board of Directors chooses the President from the APFA members working in the above four countries. The President will nominate the General Secretary from his or her country.
  • 4. The office will be located in the country the President belongs.
  • 5. The President calls and chairs the Board meetings. If the President will not be able to attend the meeting, one of the Board members from the Presidentユs country will deputize for the President.
  • 6. The General Secretary supports the President and makes the meeting minutes.
  • 7. The Board of Directors is able to set up a special committee, if necessary.
  • 8. APFA holds a scientific conference in an Asian country. The President becomes the conference chairperson and organizes committees as the need arises.