■Job Opening for a faculty position as a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
Applications are invited for a lecturer position in the fields of energy science.

Deadline: Application forms must reach no later than 14, Feb., Wednesday 2018.

  • 1. Job Type and Number of Positions: Senior lecturer as a faculty member.

  • 2. Term: Initial contract term is 8 years and can be renewed for 7 years.

  • 3. Job Descriptions:
    Research and education in the fields of advanced nu-clear and fusion energy technology, particularly its generation, conversion, application and evaluation. Considerable fraction of the study is experimental.

  • 4. Starting Date: Preferably as early as possible after the selection.

  • 5. Eligibilities:
    (1) The candidate must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree.
    (2) The candidate must carry out and supervise ex-perimental research works with radiation, high volt age electricity, chemical reagents including hazardous substances, heat and other potential risks. Safety exercise, knowledge and skill are required. No license is mandatory, however ra-diation protection supervisor is welcome, and if not, expected to acquire the license after arrival.

  • 6. Work hours:
    Seven hours and 45 minutes per day, 38 hours 45 minutes per week under a discretionary work system
    Holidays: Weekends, National holidays, Year-end and New Year holidays, the University Foundation Day (June 18th), and summer vacation.

  • 7. Salary and benefits:
    To be determined in accordance with the Kyoto Uni-versity regulations.

  • 8. Social Insurance:
    Eligible for MEXT* mutual aid association member-ship, employees’ pensions, employment insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.
    * Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan

  • 9.Screening Method:
    Document selection and interview if necessary.
    No travel expenses for interviewees would be pro-vided, however video-conference may be arranged for foreign applicants when needed.

  • 10. Documents to Submit:
    Application forms from (1) to (7) should be prepared either in English or Japanese by separated pages of A4 size paper. Applicant’s name should be cited on upper right header on each page. Personal informa-tion is protected by privacy policy. All submitted documents should not be returned to applicants after review.

    (1) Curriculum Vitae (including the description of pos sible date to start job. In the case of Japa nese, regular commercially available format can be used.)
    (2) -List of publications: Categorize as original pa pers, conference proceedings, reviews, patents and etc.. Classify peer-reviewed papers. Impor tant publications up to 3 can be attached.
    -List of research grants; name, amount, sponsor, period and applicants role.
    -List of social activities; memberships and roles in academic societies and social out-reach ac tivities must be reported, if any.
    (3) Summary of the previous activities in research (approx. 2000 characters in Japanese, or 1000 words in English) categorized by theme
    (4) Research plans : (approx. 2000 characters in Japa nese, or 1000 words in English)
    (5) Name of up to two persons who can provide their opinions about the applicant, or Letter of recom mendation.

  • 11. Deadline: Application forms must reach no later than 14, Feb., Wednesday 2018.

  • 12. Submissions should be postal-mailed to the follow-ing:
    Prof. Tohru Mizuuchi,
    Faculty Consort Director, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Gokasyo, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, JAPAN
    E-mail: mizuuchi*iae.kyoto-u.ac.jp (please replace * with @)
    Type in red “Enclosed application forms” on the front surface of the envelope.
    Applications by regis-tered postal mail or courier service that have a capa-bility of tracking and delivery confirmation.

  • 13. Inquiry:
    Prof. Satoshi Konishi, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University,
    E-mail: s-konishi*iae.kyoto-u.ac.jp
    (please replace * with @)
    Phone: +81-77438-3430

  • 14. Others::
    Kyoto University supports a gender-equal society. Women researchers are strongly encouraged to ap-ply. For more information on IAE, please visit the web below. http://www.atomic-energy.iae.kyoto-u.ac.jp/?lang=en Educational assignments such as lecture may be given as a member of the Graduate School of Energy Science, Department of Energy Conversion Science.