The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
26th Annual Meeting

Invited Talks
30min. including discussion

Dec.1(Tue)9:30-10:15 Room-A

1aA01:Progress of Super Dense Helical Plasma Study
 Nobuyoshi OHYABU(NIFS)

Dec.1(Tue)10:30-12:30 Room-A

1aA02:Overview of EAST and HT-7 experiments
 Liqun HU(Chinese Academy of Science (ASIPP), Hefei, China PRC)

1aA03:Kinetic modeling of the plasma edge on High Performance Computers.
 DAVID TSKHAKAYA(Institute for theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria)

1aA04:Progress and Future Plan of JT-60SA Divertor Research and Development

1aA05:Plasma-Wall Interaction in Multi-scale
 Mizuki SAKAMOTO(RIAM, Kyushu University)

Dec.1(Tue)10:30-12:30 Room-B

1aB01:Proof-of-principle and future prospect of the third ignition scheme "Impact Ignition
 Masakastsu Murakami(ILE, Osaka University)

1aB02:Laser-Shock Compression and Hugoniot Measurements of Liquid Hydrogen
 Takayoshi SANO(ILE, Osaka University)

1aB03:Praseodymium Doped Lithium Glass Scintillator for the Areal-Density Measurement of the Laser Fusion Plasma
 Yasunobu ARIKAWA(ILE, Osaka University)

1aB04:Study on Environment in Laser Fusion Liquid Wall Reactor Chamber
 Hiroyuki FURUKAWA(Institute for Laser Technology)

Dec.1(Tue)10:30-12:30 Room-C

1aC01:Alfven wave excitation and energetic particle transport
 Anderas BIERWAGE(ENEA Frascatti,Italy)

1aC02:Observations of Turbulence and Transport with Long Distance Correlation
 Shigeru INAGAKI(RIAM, Kyushu University)

1aC03:Zonal-Flow Enhancement in Helical Systems with Macroscale

1aC04:Development of A Neoclassical Transport Simulation and its Application
 Shinsuke SATAKE(NIFS)

Dec.2(Wed)9:15-10:15 Room-A

2aA01:Self-Organized Helical Equilibria, Transport Barriers and Active Control of MHD Stability in RFX-Mod
 Piero MARTIN(Consorzio RFX, Padova, Italy)

2aA02:Recent Experimental Results on the HL-2A Tokamak
 Longwen YAN(Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China PRC)

Dec.2(Wed)9:15-10:15 Room-B

2aB01:Chinese program for fusion materials development
 Jiming CHEN(Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China PRC)

2aB02:Synergistic Effects in Tungsten Mixed Materials
 Heun Tae LEE(Osaka University)

Dec.2(Wed)9:15-10:15 Room-C

2aC01:Still Worried about Landau Resonande?-Interactions between a Pulse-Wave and Charged Particles-
 Kazuhiro ARIMOTO(Teikyo University)

2aC02:Extraction of negative ions by discrete focusing effect
 Eugen STAMATE(Technical University of Denmark,Denmark)

Dec.4(Fri)9:15-10:15 Room-A

4aA01:Nonlocality of Heat Transport in LHD Plasmas

4aA02:SMBI Experiment in Heliotron J
 Tohru MIZUUCHI(Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto Univ)

Dec.4(Fri)9:15-10:15 Room-B

4aB01:EBW studies in MAST
 Vladimir SHEVCHENKO(Culham UK)

4aA02:Development of 77GHz 1.5MW Gyrotron for the LHD and Application to Heating Experiment
 Tsuhoshi KARIYA(PRC, Tsukuba University)

Dec.4(Fri)9:15-10:15 Room-C

4aC01:Magnetic Reconnection Study by Three-Dimensional Particle Simulation in Open System and Immersive Virtual Reality System
  Hiroaki OHTANI(NIFS)

4aC02:Spectroscopic Study of Hydrogen Pellet Ablation Cloud
 Motoshi GOTO(NIFS)


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